Client Interviews – Keys to Success!

When working with a staffing agency or searching on your own, one of the most intimidating parts of the process is interviewing with the company. Here are some keys to success that will help your interview go more smoothly and to help you be more memorable!


When interviewing with a company, it is best to be prepared. To be prepared you should start by learning about the company you are interviewing with. Know what products or services they sell or make and what kind of business they do so that you can better explain to your interviewer how you fit into the company’s dynamic.

Also, to better sell yourself it is best to prepare by learning everything you can about the job you are applying for. You should know what duties the position is expected to complete and what level of responsibility you would be taking on if offered the position.

Another way to be prepared is to study typical interview questions. Knowing the answers to difficult questions about your past experience could be the difference between you and another candidate applying for the position.

Build your Case

Your resume is your number one tool for selling yourself to a potential employer. Always be sure to make your resume the best representation of your skills and experience – while still being truthful!


You should always come in to the interview knowing your resume inside and out! This should include the key points of your resume that you want to highlight for the interviewer. Even if you do not fit the job you are applying for perfectly, be sure to explain to the interviewer how you think you can complete the necessary job duties by backing it up with previous experience listed on your resume.


Lastly, remember that every interview is an opportunity for experience, even if you did not get the job you were applying for. Be sure to use any feedback from this experience in your next job interview to improve!


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