Community Outreach: GBR Food Bank

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is a non-profit that is dedicated to serving the community in the Baton Rouge area through faith based outreach and food distribution. They accept donations of food, time and money to help them in this mission on both the individual and corporate level. But, sometimes even the helpers need a little help.

Owner Marianne and GBR Food Bank Employee Kelvin
Frazee Owner, Marianne, and GBR Food Bank Employee Kelvin

Why Is There a Need?

While the Food Bank is always in need of volunteers and donations, 2016 was a particularly challenging year. In August of this year the community they support suffered devastating losses to flood waters.

The Food Bank itself was no exception to this disaster. The Food Bank reported that their warehouse took on water up to 4 feet in places. This resulted in a loss of equipment and over 500,000 pounds of donations.

At least five of the Food Bank employees were personally affected by the flood. An employee shared that these individuals were acknowledged and supported by the Today show, Partnered with Walmart in an emotional show of corporate compassion just a day prior to the Frazee team’s visit.

Kelvin hauling off the donations for the warehouse
Kelvin, GBR Food Bank Employee, taking the donations into their warehouse

Frazee and the Food Bank

This year, in lieu of its tradition of client and candidate visits and gifts, the Frazee Recruiting team used those resources to assist the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank.

In addition, the team also put together and ran a successful food drive to collect food donations for the Food Bank. The total collection was 251 pounds of food delivered to the food bank.

Business Manager Jeff collects donations
Business Manager Jeff collecting donations for the Food Bank

How You Can Help

As the Holiday season passes, so too does the thought of the Food Bank and its needs. But, the Food Bank’s work does not end around the holidays.

Instead, the team there works tirelessly throughout the entire year to help those in the community in need. They are always looking for donations and volunteers to help them accomplish their work in the Baton Rouge area’s community.

If you would like to help by either donating or volunteering, then visit the food bank website here!