How to Know When You are Qualified

Here at Frazee, one of the things we run into the most are candidates who are unsure of what exactly ‘being qualified’ is. Here are some guidelines to help you, as a candidate, figure out where you fit into job qualifications.

Entry Level Qualifications

Our recruiters meet with candidates who are looking to start in a specific industry in which they have no prior experience. The problem with this is when a client comes to a recruiter to help them with their staffing needs most times they want to hire someone that will not require training. Generally their expectation is that we will provide someone with experience in the position. Because of this, you should apply for positions where you have experience, or that have been marked ‘entry level’ if you have no experience. Applying to the right position will lead to success in your job search.


Chances are as a job seeker you have seen a position and thought to yourself, ‘I can do that!’ However, a lot of factors go into being qualified and overqualified. Even though you can do the job, does not mean that it is necessarily the best fit for you – or the client! The client usually comes to a recruiter when they need an employee that can give them a commitment for the level of job they are hiring. If your salary expectations and experience are above the position you would like to apply for, the client will have a hard time considering you for the position because they will have concerns about commitment.  So, it is best to avoid jobs that are below your qualification level and speak to your recruiter about what might be a better fit for you.

Perfectly Qualified

Does perfectly qualified mean that you fit exactly every bullet point and qualification of the position? The short answer is no. When you are qualified it means that you meet the general qualifications of the position such as having worked in the industry before, or even having worked a similar position and that you come in with realistic expectations based on prior experience. If you feel like you are qualified for a position, always make sure to let your recruiter know about your background and how you fit the position based on your skill set and experience, keeping in mind that your resume is always your best marketing tool.



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