How to Update Your Skills

There’s an old adage that says, “once you’ve stopped learning, you’ve ceased to grow.” With that in mind, maybe it’s time to upgrade your skills and not only grow but, FLOURISH! As the workplace has evolved, particularly since Covid 19, it is more important than ever to keep your skills current. Continuing your education can help develop your job skills, give you a competitive edge, and create growth opportunities 

Here are some tips and links to training providers that can help you continue and grow with your learning. And when the next job promotion opportunity arises, you’ll be ready! 

Training Resources:  

Online Training Providers 

  • Udemy-helps connect students all over the world with the best instructors. The Udemy Free Resource Center, has a collection of 170 free online courses that helps people upskill 
  • LinkedIn Learning-An American website offering video courses taught by industry experts. All the courses on LinkedIn fall into 3 categories: Business, Creative, and Technology. 
  • Edex-online courses from the top universities 
  • Coursera- this online learning platform for higher education, offers courses, specializations, certificates and degree programs  
  • General Assembly- this global online learning business teaches coding, design, data, marketing, business, and career development 

One of the most often overlooked training resources is the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. Their Career Center is a free public service for employees looking to gain new skills and responsibilities. They offer trained help and resources to help identify your training needs.  

Another resource for training is Louisiana’s Higher Education system which includes the Louisiana Community College and Technical College System, Louisiana State University (LSU), University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Southern University.  

 Many of these schools bypass traditional colleges to offer non-credit and certificate programs. For example, LSU offers Human Resource Management Certificate, Paralegal Studies Certificate, and Computer Skills for the Office Certificate.  

One of the best resources around is the Baton Rouge Area Chambers Short Term Training Resource Guide. It provides an in-depth listing of career and technical education providers and programs. (See link below) 

Attending workshops and conferences & volunteering can also help you build skills. Keep current by reading blogs and articles-this will clue you in on what you should be training on. Even if it’s something that you do in “off hours,” such as serving on a committee for your favorite non-profit organization can teach you new skills. It will also look great on your resume!  

Helpful Training Links: 

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