The Job-Ready Resume

When applying for a job, the first thing a potential employer sees is your resume. This is true whether you apply through a staffing agency or directly to the company of your dreams. Thus, it is important to tailor your resume for success.

Your resume is essentially an employer’s first impression of you. When applying to a staffing agency, it is also your single most important marketing tool.

Here are some things to keep in mind when building and submitting your resume!



With the resume being a direct reflection of your work history, you should always keep accuracy in mind. Thus, when putting together your resume make sure that it is an honest representation of your employment history.

You should always use dates and job titles that are accurate, representing what you did. Any conflicting dates may be seen as a red flag.



Your resume should have a complete listing of skills, duties and job history. Avoid omitting jobs that you feel are unimportant. If jobs are removed, it may look like you have gaps in your employment.

To ensure completeness, be sure to include a comprehensive list of job duties performed. To keep it from being overwhelming, try a bulleted list. This could single you out as the most qualified candidate for the job!


Be aware of what Resume you send

Checking what you are sending to an employer is important. Resumes received with limited information make it hard to judge experience. These usually come from job boards where you can use easy or mobile apply.

If a company receives a resume with insufficient information it’s difficult to tell what qualifies you for a job. So, be aware of what is being sent out by job boards on your behalf.

These are all things that could be the difference between you and another candidate competing for the same job.

If your resume is ‘job ready’, try applying for one of our jobs!