Tips for Landing a Job in 2023

Looking for a job or a new career? Here are some job tips to help you land that perfect job in the new year: 

Prepare for more video interviews.

Virtual interviewing is here to stay, and preparation is key. Dress for success. Show up on time. Set up a nice background. Stay focused and make eye contact with the camera. Prepare, prepare, prepare! 

Optimize your resume.

Employers use software programs to filter the large volume of resumes they receive. There are a few tricks to help you navigate a way around these filters. This can be done by referencing the terms and keywords from the job listing. Pretty soon, your resume will rise to the top and get noticed! 

Develop new skills

Especially those that are hard to automate. For example, Interpersonal skills such as teamwork and problem solving.. Take a class or workshop to help you improve in this area. Digital literacy, a person’s ability to communicate information effectively through typing, media & other digital platforms, is in big demand. Learn how to compose an email, use proper grammar & spelling. Competency in these areas will put you at the forefront of job candidates. 

These are just a few of the ways to prepare yourself for the job market in 2023. Educate yourself, read & learn about what is going on in the job market and in the larger world around you. And you will be the job candidate that everyone wants to hire!