Looking for a job in 2021?

Know what the trends are so you can prepare. According to Work It Daily & the Online Career Growth Club, these trends will have a solid impact on your career search process:

Video Interviewing – With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, video interviews have become more popular than ever. Zoom, Skype, MS teams, Google are all common platforms. Frazee Recruiting began using Spark Hire last year and it worked well for all concerned. Make sure you have a good internet connection, a quiet place to do your interview, and a neat and professional-looking background.

Networking Online – Although COVID-19 has impacted our ability to participate in various events “in person,” there are still ways to build professional relationships. LinkedIn can prove invaluable in keeping up with industry trends and making connections that will help you in your career search. There are also various online professional groups and industry organizations that hold regular networking events online.

Professional Development – Many job seekers have used the COVID-19 “downtime” to improve their skills, a process known as “upskilling.” Online learning providers such as Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, & Skillshare have helped make this possible. These training providers can help to improve “hard skills” which include job-specific responsibilities such as a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint – or tool & machine training. They also teach “soft skills” such as time management and leadership. People who were laid off during the pandemic used the time to learn and/or develop skills. And, it is not too late-we still have many more months ahead of us – until it is safe again.

After this past year of working through the pandemic, the workplace looks different than before. The good thing is, we’ve learned to adapt. We’ve learned to work remotely and, in some cases, remote work and in-office work have been combined to form a nice hybrid. Flexibility has been the key. Companies and employees have begun to realize that work does not have to be limited to working in the office. Familiarize yourself with these trends and embrace them! See how they can benefit you in both your job search and in your current role. You may be surprised at how effective they can be! 

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