Making the Hiring Process Fit your Requirements

When you decide to have a staffing agency assist you with hiring, you may have questions about how to make the process efficient.  What information does the agency need? How long will it take?  What do I have to do?  What are the steps to locating and hiring someone?

We can answer these questions and more. Hopefully this will make it easier to hire and you can focus on finding the ‘Right’ candidate.

The Initial Call

Whether you contact us as a result of a referral from a peer, searching the internet or seeing an ad, be prepared to help us understand your business and the specifics of the employee you are looking to hire.  Our goal is to start building a relationship with you and your company to better assess candidates to fit your organization.

Step #1 – The Requirements

We need your help to define the position and its role in your organization.  We will discuss the following with you:

  • Position description
  • Duties and tasks – what the candidate will actually do
  • Skills and software – what’s required to be successful
  • Experience and education – minimum levels to meet target salary
  • Target salary – adjusted at offer time based on all of the parameters of the job
  • Interview Process and decision maker
  • Target hire date

Step #2 – The Expectations

You should expect that we will start work on your position immediately.   Within the next one to five days (depending on the skillset and availability of candidates – rocket scientists are hard to find!) you will receive our best candidates.


We expect you to review the candidates and to be prepared to interview them in a timely manner to meet the target hire date.  After you interview and select a candidate we will work with you to get an offer to the candidate.  The offer would be based on the target salary and may be adjusted for additional or lesser amount of experience and skills.  This approach keeps the candidate from focusing solely on the maximum of the salary range and the client from focusing on the minimum of the salary range.

Step #3: On-Boarding

After acceptance of the offer we will start the on-boarding process.  All of our candidates have a criminal background check, verification of previous employment experience and verification of their legal ability to work in the U.S.  Depending on your requirements a drug screen may also be conducted.

Employee start date

Whether the position is a permanent hire, temp to perm or temp we will make the arrangements for the candidate to report to the proper location on the start date.  We will follow-up with you to make sure everything is going okay during the first days of employment.


If you are searching for a firm to make your hiring process easier and more efficient then contact Frazee and start a business relationship.


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