Marianne’s attendance at the recent Louisiana Conference on Human Resources, April 5 & 6 at the New Orleans Riverside Hilton.

There were some amazing speakers with some very hot topics, i.e., managing employee performance, dealing with office romances, drug testing in the workplace, etc. One of the best break-out sessions was the one I attended was on Background Screening: ‘There’s MORE? Ban the Box, Individualized Assessments & More Compliance Traps’, presented by Debra Keller- Vice President of Compliance at Reference Services, Inc. (RSI).

Here is a brief synopsis of Debra’s presentation:

Are you violating the FCRA or State law? In today’s litigious environment, performing background checks is more important than ever. However, there’s a lot of incorrect information being relayed to employers about FCRA compliance, negligent hiring, Ban the Box and individualized assessments. Did you know that something as simple as having incorrect applicant consent forms has cost many employers millions of dollars in class action lawsuits? How about large fines if you ask about criminal convictions on a job application in States who have banned the box? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to background screening. In Deb Keller’s second installment in her Background Screening educational series, she’ll cover all aspects of Ban the Box, how to perform Individualized Assessments, the Adverse Action process, litigation trends and other compliance traps and how to avoid them. This session is a must attend for all HR professionals who are responsible for talent management, hiring & recruiting or compliance practices in their organization. Objectives: (1) discuss basic legal requirements applicable to background screening; (2) discuss legal risks involved in background screening; (3) discuss recent developments, including Ban the Box initatives; and (4) learn practical tips for compliance with federal and state requirement.

Below is a link to the full LASHRM: