Onboarding – What to Expect

You have been through the process, met with the recruiter, interviewed with the client and you got the job – now what? The next step in the process is to go through onboarding. Onboarding is simply filling out the paperwork that the recruiting agency and the client require you to complete before starting an assignment.


One of the first things you will be given when you accept an assignment is the orientation paperwork. The orientation paperwork should include the option to enroll in direct deposit, a standard list of instructions about what is expected of you while on assignment, and a timesheet accompanied by instructions on how to get paid.

Tax Paperwork

When starting a new assignment, everyone must complete tax paperwork. This is how the recruiting agency knows how much tax needs to be taken out of your paycheck each week for state and federal requirements.

Also, included in this is an I-9 form that will be used to verify your eligibility for employment. For the I-9 you will need to bring two forms of ID or one document that meets the requirements of the I-9. A list of acceptable documents will be given to you prior to you arriving to fill out paperwork – so be sure to review it carefully. The most important thing to remember about your documents is to be sure that they are current and not expired, as the recruiting agency cannot use expired forms for the I-9.

Pre-Employment Screening

When starting an assignment, pre-employment screening is also part of the process. This includes a standard background screen, which will be run from a form that you complete outlining everywhere you have lived in the past seven to ten years including your current address. Also, this may include any other screening the client requires specifically. Depending on the company, this may be a drug screen, medical test, physical or even a credit check depending on the company. However, these are not standard and are on a company by company basis.


If you have accepted a new assignment, then this outline will help guide you through our process!


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