Recruiters want everyone to get hired but …

Recruiters want everyone to get a job but the reality is getting hired is competitive and difficult.  A recruiter reviews thousands of resumes each year.  Make your resume stand out, brag about your skills, knowledge, education, experience, etc.  Make sure your resume gets you a meeting/interview with the recruiter.  Annually, a recruiter will interview more than a thousand candidates.  Making sure you are one of them moves you one step closer to getting the job!

Impress the Recruiter

Do what is asked of you!  Recruiters know you have filled out applications, done testing and been interviewed before but approach each opportunity as a chance to move to the front of the line.  Prepare for the interview by knowing your resume and researching typical questions.  Practice for your interview, it may be the most important thing you can do.  Make the impression that you want a new role. Talk about your work ethic and people skills as these things are hard to put in a resume.  Be prepared to commit to a job and sell the recruiter, because later the recruiter becomes your agent leading to a job.

Be of value

The recruiter’s client wants the best value they can find.  Help the recruiter make you successful.  Be flexible in your approach; figure out how the opportunity can lead to success rather than how it will not work.  Research the client and be prepared for their interview.  Every time you interview you are a little closer to getting the job.  Do not let the next best candidate get the job.  Let the client know you’re committed and how you will make a positive contribution to their company.  The client interview is your best to path to getting the job.

Be the Best Candidate

Remember there is competition for every job.  The client has the thing you want … a job!  Let them know you want the job and how you can help their company.  While the recruiter works for the client you are the valued resource that helps the recruiter be successful.  Be helpful, be the best.


If you want a new job then be the best candidate!


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