The Temporary Path to Success

When looking for a job, the thought of a temporary position can often times seem unappealing. However, if you consider what temporary employment is and what it can do for you, you might be surprised to find a temporary path to that perfect permanent position!

What is temporary employment?

Most often, temporary employment is misunderstood. When a lot of people think of temporary employment or being a ‘temp’, they are thinking of strictly temporary opportunities. But, there is another kind of temporary employment that could be for you, even if you are looking to find a permanent position!

True temporary employment is working in a role that has a scheduled end date. This could mean that the position could last from a day to a few months or even a year if it is considered ‘long term temporary.’ These positions can be beneficial for all sorts of situations due to flexibility, a set time commitment and resume building!

Temporary to permanent employment, or temp to hire, is another type of temporary position. This position is more of a trial basis for both you and the company! In a temp to perm position, the company usually has a permanent position waiting at the end of this ‘trial’ period. If you work hard and showcase your skills, the company will more than likely hire you permanently in the future. For some people that are looking for permanent employment, this can be a great option to figure out if you enjoy working in the company without the solid commitment. It also gives the employer a chance to see what you have to offer!

Why do people choose temporary employment?

People choose temporary employment for all sorts of reasons. Temp employment can help you gain experience in areas that you have a little exposure to, but might need more to help you get the opportunity you are looking for. Also, a position that is temporary could be that next step towards a career. It could be what helps you get your foot in the door at a company that you have always wanted to work for. Chances are if you are a temporary employee for the company and do a great job, it could evolve into something more in the future!

What can temporary employment do for you?

Temporary employment can open up a whole new world of opportunity in your job search. It can be used to fill gaps in employment, or to gain experience in a field that you might be trying to break into. It can be used to make lifelong connections with people you might not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. In turn this could lead to bigger and better jobs in the future.

Temporary, whether true temporary or temp to perm, is an excellent option for you to explore even if your goal is to end up with a permanent position as often times the opportunity for permanent employment is there. So, next time you are looking for a job, don’t rule out the idea of trying a temporary position, you might be surprised by what can come of it!

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