Tips for Being a Good Temporary Employee

When hired as a temporary employee, being a good one is important to your future. Here are a few tips to help you on your road to success!


Why is Being a Good Temp Employee Important?


Whether you want a permanent position, or you are just there for a short term assignment, it is always important to be a good temporary employee. But, why?


Often, when a company hires a temporary employee, they will have a permanent opening in the company that they are either actively recruiting for or may even be considering you for. If the company is actively recruiting, you as a temporary employee are the first and best place for them to look. Making the best impression that you can just might land you that perfect job opportunity when you least expect it!


If you are a temporary employee on a short term assignment and you do not have a desire to necessarily be hired on permanent or advance your career at the company you are temping for, there is still a reason to make a good impression. Being a good temporary employee for this company could score you connections to the company you want to work at. Also, if you shine at this company, then in the future you will be able to use them as a reference to further your career elsewhere when you are ready to settle down at a company.


Avoid Moving In


It is a good idea when working somewhere for a period of time, whether short or long, to personalize your space. You should always feel welcome at a company to do so. However, it is best to keep in mind that too many personal items in the work space can be distracting to you and those around you. Also, it may not give the best impression to your employer if they think you are ‘moving in.’ In fact it may look a little presumptive and be a turn off to them.


It is also a good idea to have minimal personalization in your work space on a short term assignment, because if the assignment ends, it will be difficult for you to get all of your items at once. This is something to definitely think about if the staffing agency will be the ones picking up your personal items at the end of the assignment.


It is also a good idea to consider how replaceable the items you bring to work with you are. If they have emotional attachments or are irreplaceable, consider leaving them at home during a temporary assignment so they do not get misplaced.


Turn in your hours on time


When working as a temporary employee through an agency, you are responsible for keeping track of and turning in your hours on a weekly basis. Be sure that you are always getting your timesheet signed and turned in on time. This will get you paid promptly and keep the staffing agency and company you are working for on schedule and happy!


If you are unsure of the procedure for turning in time, feel free to give your staffing agency a call and they will guide you through the process.




Communication is an important aspect of being a temporary employee. When you are working temp, you are working away from your primary employer – the staffing agency. This offsite work situation means that when you have a complaint, you should always communicate the issue to your recruiter. The recruiter is there to help you work through your work place issues.


This does not mean that you cannot talk to your supervisor at the company you are working at, though. Communicating issues to both parties may result in the conflict being successfully resolved in the quickest amount of time. But, if you are having doubts, you should not keep them to yourself or try to ‘tough it out’ because there might be a solution that leads to a better work environment for you to continue your assignment.

Turning in a notice


When working a temporary assignment, it is completely understandable that other opportunities may come up. If you are offered a bigger and better opportunity, you may need to quit the temporary assignment you are on. Or you may have simply realized that the company you are working temporary at just is not the company for you and have made the decision to quit.


The best way to end a temporary assignment is with some notice. A staffing agency worked to get you in place and if the company chooses to replace your role when you leave, the temporary agency will need to work to get someone else in that spot. This means they may need a little advance notice or time to do this.


Always try to give the company and the staffing agency as much notice as possible so that they can work out a plan of action for re-filling your role without any gaps in the day to day functions of the company. Avoid resigning and giving less than a day’s notice. Giving at least a few days warning will leave a good impression on the staffing agency, in case you ever find yourself in need of them again. This will also keep you from burning any bridges with the company as well!

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