Why Hire with a Recruiter?

Recruiters are different things to different people. If you are a company that is seeking employees, a recruiter is another resource for you to fill your position and expand your hiring reach. Choosing to reach out to and hire with a recruiter can be highly beneficial to a company, big or small!

What can they do for you?

A recruiter can add that personal touch that you as the client may not have the time for. The recruiter can take the stress off of a job search and consolidate your searching efforts. Reaching out to a recruiter can also expand your hiring reach and expedite it in some cases.

They may already have candidates in their database that meet your specific hiring needs. Using a recruiter can help you get a pre-screened, qualified and in some cases specialized candidate in a quick and efficient manner without you having to sort through multiple applications to find what you are looking for.

Imagine this – you have posted your open position on the job board of your choice and now you have received well over a hundred resumes from potential candidates. That’s great! But, now what? Now, you have to screen through those resumes and narrow them down to your top five or even three based on resume alone. Finally, you set up interviews and conduct the interviews with the candidates you have chosen hoping one of them is a good match for your job. If none of them fit your requirements… you have to start from scratch all over again!

This long process is the part of hiring that the recruiter takes care of for you, sending you only pre-screened candidates that they feel are qualified for your specific job. This limits the searching you have to do on your own. The recruiter also takes care of scheduling and rescheduling interviews based on your availability and needs.

If you have an open position, try reaching out to a Frazee recruiter to see how easy your search can be!