What to Expect When Working with a Staffing Agency for the First Time

As a job seeker, if you have never worked with a staffing agency before, you may wonder about the process. How long will it take to find me a job? Do they really have quality openings? What is their screening process like? If I’m not paying them, how does this work?

We have answers for these questions and more. Hopefully this will make you more excited than ever to work with a staffing agency to assist you in your search for the perfect job!

The Basic Concept

Many people are confused about who the real client is at a staffing agency. Everything is free for the candidate, while the company looking for employees pays on the other end. The employer is our ultimate client. The agency is trying to find the best candidates to fill the client’s open positions. If you are not the best candidate for an open job, you won’t be selected and there may be nothing else that fits.

It can be frustrating for people who wonder why they don’t get jobs. We’d love to get a job for everyone we interview, but that’s not how it works.

The First Steps

Most people encounter Frazee after seeing an ad on a job board like Monster or Indeed. Frazee also takes direct calls and walk-ins, but regardless of how the initial contact is made, everyone is ultimately directed to Frazee’s website.

All candidates are required to submit an electronic copy of their resume so it can be uploaded into our staffing software and stored electronically. A staff recruiter reviews every resume, usually within 24 hours of submission. Resumes are reviewed by specialized recruiters with experience in the applicant’s field of work: Admin, CSR, IT, accounting, clerical, etc.

Interviews are conducted by appointment only. At least one copy of your updated resume will be required upon arrival. You will then be interviewed by a Frazee Recruiter. Your Recruiter will try to match your qualifications with our current open positions or opportunities expected to be available in the near future. Our positions change based on our client’s needs daily! Check the job listings on the website.

If a recruiter feels you’d be a good candidate; you will be contacted to schedule an interview to discuss opportunities, what you are looking for and how what Frazee has might meet your needs.

Round Two: Testing and Agency Interview

When you make it past the initial resume review, it’s time for some skills testing.

Frazee has testing software for up to 800 different programs and skills in various fields. It will email you a link to take a few exams that apply to your field, such as accounting, data entry or Microsoft Office. There is also a personality assessment that everyone completes.

Frazee likes candidates to do this testing before an in-office interview so the recruiter can discuss the results with the applicant. If someone is a little weak in areas tested, Frazee also has tutorials and can help the applicant polish their skills before retaking the test.

During the in-office interview, Frazee recruiters like to find out as much as possible about each candidate and verify their job criteria and experience. Would you prefer to work in a plant or an office setting? Would you be willing to commute across the river? What are your salary requirements? All this information helps in seeking a job that will suit you and give you the best chance for success.

Round Three: Client Interview

When the staffing agency has completed your internal assessments and interview, it will try to match you up with a client seeking employees. If it finds a match, you interview with the client. All of this is set up by and flows through the staffing agency. You should not contact the client directly to schedule the interview or follow up to see if you have been selected.

Job Offer and Final Screenings

If your client interview goes well and the employer decides you’re the best candidate, it will alert the agency to make you an offer. After you receive an offer you’ll go through additional screenings.

Everyone undergoes a criminal background check, verification of previous employment experience and verification of their legal ability to work in the U.S.  Depending on client, requirements you may also take a drug screen. Many area plants require a drug test before you can even step on their property.

If you will be working with cash transactions, deciding whom to grant credit to or making other financial decisions, a credit check may be required.

Assuming you pass each of these, congratulations! The agency will set up the details for your first day and you’re on your way to a new job.

The Timeline

The typical timeline ultimately depends on a few things, and can vary greatly. The usual Frazee timeline is as follows, and only includes business days, not weekends:

  • Day 1: Resume received
  • Day 2: Resume reviewed by recruiter
  • Day 3: Invited for an interview/testing
  • Day 4-8: Testing completed, interview held with agency
  • Day >9: Interview with client

Some clients make decisions immediately after the interview while others may take two to three weeks to make a decision. The time required for your background check and employment-verification process also can vary, so your first day could be within two weeks of submitting your resume or could take considerably longer.

If you are looking for a new job or career then go to the Frazee website (www.frazeerecruit.com) and upload your resume to get the process started.