Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month. Everywhere you go, pink is the present! From pink grocery bags to t-shirts and ball caps, we are reminded and encouraged to take the steps needed for good breast health.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women except for skin cancer. According to the National Cancer Society, it is the second leading cause of cancer death behind lung cancer. And black women have the highest death rate from breast cancer as compared to other racial and ethnic groups. The emotional and financial toll can be staggering for those who are affected by this disease.

Although men get breast cancer too, it is primarily a cancer suffered by women. With 46.1% of the workforce being female, it benefits employers to raise awareness whenever possible. Corporate wellness company Wellright provides some great ideas on the ways in which employers can participate in raising awareness. Here are 6 ways to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

  1. Encourage Employees (and Their Loved Ones) to Schedule Mammograms
  2. Create a Cancer Resource Page
  3. Host Lunch and Learns
  4. Create a Volunteer Project
  5. Host a Cancer Research Fundraiser
  6. Go Pink!

This year, Frazee Recruiting is joining in the campaign to stamp out this deadly cancer. We are raising awareness by sponsoring a contest on our Frazee Facebook page. We are also honoring an incredibly special lady, Kiesha Atkins.

Kiesha’s story is truly inspirational and encourages women to be proactive when it comes to this dreaded disease. Breast cancer runs in Kiesha’s family. Her mother was diagnosed when she was pregnant with Kiesha and was advised to have an abortion where she could undergo breast cancer treatment. She elected to have her baby-although sadly, she passed away 4 days after giving birth to Kiesha. In 2015 Keisha’s doctor advised her to undergo genetic testing. When the results showed an increased risk for breast cancer, she made a momentous decision to have a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. Nothing slows Kiesha down. She is raising 3 wonderful young boys, holding down a full-time job as a Blue Cross Blue Shield Specialist II, and has gone back to school to work on her degree in Forensic Psychology.

The Frazee Recruiting team remains in awe of her! Please visit our Facebook page to see what we are doing to honor her. It is up to us to stay proactive and vigilant against breast cancer. Let us continue to work towards the goals of better treatment-and eventually a cure.