Corporate Social Responsibility and YOU

“What the public thinks of your company is critical to its success. By building a positive image that you believe in, you can make a name for your company as being socially conscious.”

– Katie Schmidt, founder and lead designer of Passion Lilie

There are four main areas your company can focus on regarding social responsibility; Environmental Efforts, Philanthropy, Ethical Labor Practices, & Volunteering. These efforts could include reducing your carbon foot print, donating money/services to non-profit charitable organizations, treating your employees fairly and ethically, and simply performing kind acts without expecting anything in return. Though these efforts can cost time, money, and resources they are crucial to maintaining a positive workplace and culture.

Businesses should avoid participating in charitable efforts that are not related to their core business focus or standards. Instead of blindly sending money to a completely unrelated organization, find a nonprofit that your company believes in or a project in your community. You should also avoid using these charitable acts as strictly marketing ploys. Consumers and employees feel more positively about companies who take the long term approach to social responsibility.