Help Recruiters Help You!

When you are looking for a job – that is what you should be doing! Many people forget this when they decide to use a recruiter during their job search. An important thing to keep in mind is that the recruiter is there to help you. But, to do that they need your help as well!  Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when using a recruiter.


Make Yourself Marketable


When you go through a recruiter, make sure that you share your skills with them.  Give the recruiter the tools to sell you. Explain in detail your professional strengths. If the recruiter is confident in your abilities, they can better explain to the client your value. If a client can clearly see the value you bring to their company, it is more likely you will be hired.


Another way to make yourself marketable is to know your weaknesses. Never be afraid to explain this weakness to your recruiter. If you are great on the computer, but struggle with a certain computer program, say so! You never know when a recruiter has a tutorial that could help improve your skill set. If they don’t have the tutorials in house, they may be able to even recommend a way to enhance your abilities in the weak area.


Never Stop Searching


You should never stop searching on your own. A recruiter is not there to carry all the weight and find you a job. Instead, they are assistants in your job search and you are the leader. Make sure you are still looking at job boards and resources on your own. The recruiter cannot do all the work. Recruiters want to place you, but sometimes lack the jobs that meet your needs. If this happens, you risk being out of work longer.


Another way to help your recruiter and yourself is to report back to them often. If you have an interest in a company or a job tell the recruiter. They may have connections that can help market you to that company. This access is something a recruiter provides. It opens a wonderful world of possibilities and connections you may not have had without a recruiter – use it!


When searching for a job, it is important to help yourself. A recruiter is another set of eyes. They are there to assist you. Be sure that when you are using a recruiter, you begin with realistic expectations! If you help the recruiter help you, the search can be easier for both of you!


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