Virtual Interviewing

In this new “Covid age” we are living in, virtual interviews are becoming more & more common. Rather than a “face-to-face” meeting, the hiring manager & candidate will connect with each other online using video software. You can utilize a computer with a built-in or external video camera & microphone, a reliable internet connection & headphones if desired. Employers are using many different platforms for this virtual process, i.e., Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Here at Frazee, we’ve begun using a simple video interviewing tool called SparkHire. 

For many job seekers, virtual interviews can be a bit intimidating, but preparation is key to alleviating any stress you may feel. 

Ashley DiFranza writes Career Advice articles for the Boston Campus of Northeastern University. We found her most recent article, “8 TIPS FOR ACING YOUR NEXT VIRTUAL INTERVIEW” beneficial for our candidates.

DiFranza’s 8 tips are “Test Your Technology, Keep Your Virtual Identity Professional, Dress for Success, Create a Set, Monitor Your Body Language, Rid Yourself of Distractions, Practice Answers to Common Interview Questions and Don’t Forget to Follow Up.”

Utilizing these tips can set you up to ace your next interview,. To read more about how to prepare for a video interview, click here.