7 Ways to Get the Most From Your Relationship with Your Recruiter

Interview with Frazee Recruiter

I have worked with Frazee Recruiting for nearly 17 years and I enjoy meeting people and helping them find great jobs with our clients. Over the course of my career, I’ve discovered seven key tips that will make the recruiter-candidate relationship much more productive and make the job search process much smoother.

Right-Size Your Resume

Resume length is one of the most frequent issues I see. The length of your resume should generally correspond with your career and the number of years you have been employed. If you’re a brand-new college graduate, I’m expecting a short resume which should not list every relevant course you took to stretch it out. If you are a more seasoned job seeker, I’m expecting two or three pages, because that is the length it will take to accurately paint a picture of your skills, experience and education for my client. You do not need to use tiny fonts and small margins to squeeze everything onto a single page.

Be Flexible and Available

Flexibility is key during a job search. Sometimes you may be asked for an interview with short notice.

That flexibility includes being available during regular daytime business hours, because that is when most employers want to schedule interviews. This can definitely be challenging if you have to work during those hours already, but you have to find a way to work around it. Perhaps we can accommodate a lunchtime interview or you can take a half day off.

Be Transparent

There are some questions people seem hesitant to answer, but recruiters need this information to find you the best placement.

I want to know why you left your last job. Sometimes things just aren’t a good fit and that’s fine. If I know what didn’t fit about that position, I can try to find a better one.

The other touchy topic is compensation. Be honest about your previous salary as well as your expectations for a new role as this will help me find you the right job with the right pay.

Trust the Recruiter

The hiring company, my client, has engaged us to find them great employees. This relationship works best if candidates let us manage the process. This means letting us manage the communication with the company, including following up with questions and negotiating salary. Let me do that work and worrying for you.

Similarly, please trust me to contact you if I have news for you. When I have an opportunity that is a good match for your skills, I will definitely be in touch. If you have not heard from me, it does not mean I do not care, it means I am focusing my efforts on finding you potential opportunities with our clients.

Take Ownership of Your Job Search

We want to assist you with your job search, but just know that while we have a lot of great jobs, we don’t have access to every open position in Baton Rouge.

While I am working to match you with a job, you should definitely continue pursuing other avenues. Be sure to keep searching relevant online job boards on your own and make sure your friends and family know that you’re looking.

Embrace the Paperwork

Very few people love filling out paperwork — I get that. But searching for a job and onboarding once you land one often involves a lot of forms, both paper and digital.

Completing it is very important to our process, and your smiling face and great attitude will help make it as painless as possible.

Come to the Interview Prepared

When we call you to notify you of an interview with a client, we will also send you an email with the date and time of your appointment, the name of the company, the name of the person you’ll speak with, a web link to the company, a map link to its location, the specific address, a street-view photo so you can see the building and a job description.

Spend some time reviewing this information in advance and check out the employer’s website, as well as any news stories about them.

Show up a few minutes early. It never hurts to bring a few extra copies of your resume in case your interviewer or additional interviewers need them.

If you want to improve your job search, then adopt one or more of these suggestions today!