Christmas Corral in the Workplace

The holidays are here which means festivities, feasts, and plenty of holiday cheer. With everyone in good spirits, these are great times to share and engage with the people around you, especially in the workplace. Celebrating holiday festivities can be a great way to build company morale and promote workplace diversity. Social events, traditions, company feasts, etc. are all great ways to bring your team together and embrace the holiday spirit.

How Do You Properly Celebrate the Holidays?

It should come of no surprise that not everyone in the workplace will celebrate the holidays in the exact same way. This is a key factor in company morale as the wedge of diversity comes in to play. It would be both excessive and unnecessary to try and celebrate every holiday from every background, so instead, create a festive environment that respects all traditions. Cultural diversity is a stronghold of company culture, so it’s important to embrace what your company is made up of.

Benefits of Holiday Celebrations

Getting everyone together for a festive celebration is a great social gathering. Employees communicate on more personal level, stress of the workplace is alleviated, and memories are made. One plus side to having these kinds of celebrations is the increase in employee engagement.  Recent research found that employee engagement is one of the top focus areas for HR professionals today. Employee engagement is strongly correlated with on-the-job performance. Holiday parties can create a sense of inclusion among workers and promote higher levels of engagement.

Not only will you bring your employees together, you can also use this time to reward the company and individuals for their achievements over the past year. Hosting an “award ceremony” during a holiday event is a great way to increase attendance and participation. What kind of awards you offer depends on your business and what’s important to your company culture, but feel free to get creative, making sure everyone is involved and rewarded. This will strengthen company culture and employee engagement tremendously.


Holiday parties reinforce the company culture. Your company’s unique culture may be one of the primary reasons why employees stay in their jobs. The holiday party offers an opportunity to underscore why the organization is a great place to work in a fun and light-hearted way. In addition, having a celebration builds meaningful connections between employees and with your organization, strengthens your organization’s identity, brings energy to the workplace, heightens morale, and creates a positive work environment.