Reviewing Resumes

The main part of any hiring process as a company, whether you are hiring on your own or working through a staffing agency, is reviewing resumes and deciding which candidate is the best candidate for your job. Sometimes, this can be difficult and when it comes down to the decision on whom to interview, the resume just may not be enough. This is where working with a recruiter can be a benefit!

Reading the Resume

Deciphering a candidate’s resume can be tough and not every candidate is the most skilled at it. Sometimes it is up to the employer to read between the lines of the resume. If a candidate does not have lined out job duties, it could be tempting to overlook them based on just their job title. But, try to consider their job title in the industry or company they worked. If interested in further details, this might even take a bit of research into the companies they previously worked at to see what that job title might have done.

Also, take into consideration the ways the candidate could qualify for your job without having done exactly the job duties of your position before. For instance, if you are looking for a candidate with a great personality that you could train, it might be best to consider looking at applicants with a history of stable customer service positions, even if yours is not. Chances are they have had to deal with a variety of people and might have the personality you are looking for!

Another option you could consider for a resume that is not detailed enough is to go back to the source and request a resume with more details from the candidate. Often times, though, this may not be a good option depending on the amount of resumes you have received in response to your position. It might be unrealistic to ask every candidate for a better version of their resume. This is where a recruiter could be of help!

Getting a Recruiter’s opinion

When working with a recruiter, majority of the time they have already interviewed a candidate. This means they have formed an opinion of the candidate and what qualifications they have. They have also already gotten an idea of the candidate’s personality, level of professionalism and some details on how they performed at previous jobs. It never hurts to ask a recruiter to write a brief synopsis of a candidate’s qualifications in relation to what you are looking for. This will help give you a better idea of which applicants you want to bring in for an interview yourself and make your job of sorting through candidates much easier!

If you have a job opening you are looking to fill and want to use a recruiter to assist with the interviewing process, then reach out to a Frazee recruiter today!