The Successful Job Candidate

Searching for a job can be a full-time job. Sometimes it can even be downright painful.  You spend hours laboring over the perfect cover letter and making sure your resume is impeccable – sometimes even resorting to shelling out money that you don’t have for someone to write a professional resume for you.

Despite your best efforts, you aren’t getting any bites from prospective employers and you feel as though you are tossing your resume into the great abyss! What am I doing wrong?

Probably nothing.  It is a competitive job climate that often requires time, effort and establishing an ongoing relationship with your job recruiter. Here are some tips to help you be successful!

The key is Communication

The foundation to any good relationship, personal or professional, is communication.

The ability to effectively communicate who you are, your career goals and what you really want out of a job can be the greatest attributes of a successful job candidate. This is especially true when working with your recruiter. While your job recruiter is committed to your ultimate success in helping match you with the right job and getting you on the right career path, your genuine willingness to be transparent will help speed up the process in landing you the right job.

Demonstrate your Authenticity

Being authentic is about being yourself and also recognizing both your strengths and weaknesses.  You know where you shine and where you don’t, but you should know how to compensate for those weaknesses.  When meeting with your recruiter, it’s important to communicate that.

For instance, if you are a good problem solver and the go-to person on almost every official decision in your company department, let the recruiter know. Also, be forthcoming and let them know about times when you may have been inflexible with your team about any last minute changes on the execution of a project.

Explain what you did to take action to modify that weakness and how this change in behavior yielded overall successful results for your team. This process not only shows that you are transparent and forthcoming, but that you have a sense of humility and that you strive to work well with others – all top attributes of successful job candidates.

Recruiters are interested in not only your skills and capabilities but how to you relate to others including clients and employees.

Demonstrate your Self Awareness

Some people are extroverts who typically gravitate toward jobs in public relations and communications while others are introverts that are known to gravitate towards the information technology field or other independent jobs that don’t require a lot of public interaction. Then there are the ambiaverts who could effectively fill either position if called on to do so. They are equally as comfortable sitting in the back of a crowded room listening and observing as they are standing at the podium as the keynote speaker.

All personality types lend great value to companies, so embrace who you are and communicate that to your recruiter. If you do this, not only will you have a job but a job that you are passionate about!


If you want to be a successful job candidate, then keep these in mind next time you interview or speak with your recruiter!