Quitting Your Job in Unstoppable Style

You may not be a quitter, but the day may come where it’s just time to quit.

Maybe it’s been several years working for the same company in the same industry, but you have made the decision to officially resign and pursue a new career in a new industry.  It might not be that you dislike your job, the people or even the culture.  By all outward appearances, life might seem pretty good.

Internally, though you may realize you are struggling and have become complacent.

So You Want to Leave Your Job…

A lot of people are good at what they do. Others are exceptional.  A few are unstoppable. Unstoppable people possess a relentless thirst for knowledge to not only be a success in their chosen profession, but to use that knowledge in order to be of real service to others. They genuinely want what’s best for everyone. A mentor of mine had lit a fire under me to become just that and it helped me find my true calling and turn it into a career I love.

Maybe you’re contemplating quitting your job so that you too can move forward into the future to be as unstoppable as you were intended to be?

But first, there are a few things to consider before you turn in your notice…


Timing is Everything…

When it’s time to quit your job is as equally important as to why you decide to quit in the first place.  Quitting your job at any given time takes courage.  Courage to make a choice that benefits not only your future but your company’s future.   A company’s success is contingent upon the contributions of its employees, just as the time you sell to your employer affords you the life that you want.  Attuned to your senses and with complete confidence in yourself, do what you instinctively feel what you should do when the time is right. If you’re an accountant, tax season might not be the best time to quit your job.  Use your common sense but also trust your instincts.

“Every right decision I have ever made has come from my gut. Every wrong decision I’ve made was the result of not listening to the greater voice of myself.” – Oprah Winfrey.

Deciding How to Leave…

How to quit is equally important.

Jobs are an economic contract and when you decide to terminate yours with your employer, you need to have a strategic plan that includes self-awareness of not only yourself but of your boss and co-workers.  Parting ways with your employer should be a steady walk, not a race. Don’t rush to your boss and tell him you’re moving on without ample notice.  It takes a few days to process the news, sometimes weeks to allocate your work and sometimes months to find your replacement.  While two weeks advance notice is the standard acceptable notice to your employer—a month allows for a smooth transition and a lasting impression of ultimate professionalism on your part.

You also want to continue to nurture the relationships that you have worked hard to cultivate with your boss and co-workers, and continue to do so up until your last day of work.  In doing so, not only will you leave your job on a good note but when your references are checked, your new prospective employer won’t delay the process in hiring you.

You can have—and deserve—exactly what you want in life.  Sometimes that means quitting your job—in unstoppable style.


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