Update On the Affordable Care Act

With the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, it would seem that the Affordable Care Act is safe.  

Healthcare legislation expert Arthur Tacchino says, “As for current key provisions of law such as the employer mandate, the marketplaces, the protections of pre-existing conditions – all those things are really here to stay.” While Democrats and Republicans are still divided in some areas, there does seem to be “mutual ground” on two key issues-lowering prescription costs and abolishing the Cadillac tax.  

However, there continues to be challenges to the Obama era health care legislation. In December, Federal Judge Reed O’Connor ruled the ACA unconstitutional. Democrats quickly fired back, setting up rules for the new Congress that give Speaker of the House, Pelosi, authority to intervene in this federal court case. The current law will remain in effect while O’Connor’s ruling is appealed. A coalition of Democratic State Attorney Generals have already banded together to appeal this ruling.  

One thing seems certain – healthcare continues to be one of the most critical issues for Americans, no matter which political party they’re affiliated with.

ACA ‘Here To Stay’ With Democratic House Win