Hottest Trends in Employment for 2019

At the beginning of the new year, we always try to find ways to incorporate new, innovative ways to improve our performance. Likewise, companies are already revealing trends in the workplace for the year.

1. Invest in Younger Talent

Millennials, Gen Z and young people, in general, are joining the workforce. What does that mean for you? New approaches are on the horizon. You’ll begin to notice high intelligence towards technology in young talent specifically. Being that they are inclined to use new software and technological approaches, your business may see a sweep of updates in the coming year.

2. Incorporate Mindfulness Practices at Work

Workplace wellness and health is no new topic; but 2019 is showing a huge increase in mindfulness at work by using apps, employee programs and stress-relief rooms. In addition, many companies are incorporating ways to make the work day more accomodating. For example, giving employees desks that allow for sitting and standing. Headspace and Calm are both apps available on the app store to help relieve stress.

3. Mentorships

Mentorships have been a thing for as long as we can remember, but this year, mentorships are setting a new standard. Statistics show that millenials view career progression as a major priority to their success. Because of that, companies are using mentorship programs to bring in new employees and interns to gain younger talent while encouraging a higher retention rate.

4. Increased Cloud Usage

We use iCloud on our phones to back up our photos, contacts and information. But, companies are taking cloud storage to a new level this year. Using cloud services, businesses are storing data in the cloud for accessibility across the staff. Having cloud storage, an entire team has access to the business’ data; however, what’s interesting is the ability to track the data within the cloud storage. No more messy, unorganized file cabinets – the cloud is completely virtual.

5. Diversity and Inclusion Will Become More and More Important

Businesses are incorporating higher standards with their diversity and inclusion practices. Because of that, companies will receive much more diverse and blended job applications. Having a diverse team allows for key perspectives to be included from different cultures and backgrounds. Ultimately, this gives businesses the upper-hand with their marketing, sales tactics and employee retention rates.

It’s no secret that trends come and go. However, it is clear that 2019 looks like the year for serious growth, relationships and company wealth. Whether your company could incorporate a yoga app, performance incentives or diversity practices, know that our talent is excited to work in 2019. Looking for new, excited additions to join you in the workplace? We’ve got the solutions.