Being an Effective Hiring Manager

Over the last twenty years, we have determined that working with effective hiring managers improves our results and minimizes their time in hiring the talent their business needs.  Baton Rouge hiring managers routinely contact Frazee for help with their staffing and hiring requirements.  When your company needs additional staff or project resources contact Frazee to improve your hiring effectiveness.

Client Hiring – Effective Hiring Manager

What does it take to hire effectively?  The effective hiring manager works with Human Resources and establishes the requirements, duties and role of the new hire.

Determine the skill, education and work experience required for the new employee to successfully perform the duties of the position.  Plan your sale of the position and your company to the candidate to make it both accurate and exciting!  Often Frazee experiences great candidates not being excited about a client and their position.

Control your Time

The effective Hiring Manager knows what they want, when they want it and what they want to pay!  Define your timeline and communicate with your recruiter.  Frazee needs to know your expectations.  Define the requirements for the position and set durations for resume review, conducting interviews, testing, making offers and a start date.   Your recruiter will work with you to meet your expectations.  Candidates need to know what to expect and feedback on their interview if possible.  Do not let the best candidate go to a competitor because you want to continue the interview process.

Getting the Best Candidate

When you determine the right candidate help us sell your company so your offer is accepted.  Do you have good benefits?  Do you promote your employees?  Do you think your company is a great place to work?  Let the candidate know why they want to work for you – bragging is okay if it is the truth!

If you want to hire the best candidates then become an effective hiring manager.

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